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Updated Oct. 6, 1999

Godzilla-like dinosaur, a human outline and a Dodo Waving. Caption:
Visualize Voluntary Human Extinction
Voluntary Human Extinction Movement

My Web Projects

Visit Project Mkono - The effects of landmines and unexploded ordinances on animals and the environment.

Aspen Parkland Defence - Protecting the ecoregion where I live

A catalog of Cryptozoology articles from the Prairie Provinces and the North.


I'm collecting videos about Lemurs and the other Prosimians. A videography and taxonomy can be see at Prosimian Video Guide

Links to Cute Furry ( and Not so Furry) Little Animals

Taxonomic Fun

Join's Race for the Big Cats!

Environmental Intelligence

Being informed is the Earth's first defence

Information Sources

Earth Island Journal - HAARP, Nukes, Pesticides, Golf and other Environmental Ills
GREEN Lines from Defenders of Wildlife - Best e-zine for habitat protection info
Hayduke Rocks! - Earth First!


U.S. A-bomb Detonations - Did Canada gets nuked?
Stop Cassini - Plutonium in Space
Nanoose Conversion Campaign / Nuclear Free Georgia Strait - No Nukes in B.C.


Project Censored - Things THEY don't want you to know.
American Newspeak - Why is George Orwell spinning in his grave?
Fairnees and Accuracy In Media

"WISE" USE and Greenwashing

Center for Media & Democracy - PR Watch

Spies, Militias and Fascists

Covert Action Quarterly - Targeted by the CIA
Antifa Info Bulletin - Tracking racists and fascists
NameBase - Spy Database, too cool for words

Visit others in my Network of Spies

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